Clutter Clearing
    *Initial consultation to access situation and form an action plan
    *Setting Priorities
    *Beginning the clearing process
    *Helping decide what stays and what goes

    *Putting it all together to achieve maximum accessibility without any clutter
    *Making it visually gratifying

Space Saving 
*Maximizing storage capabilities

Behavior Modification
   *Replacing clutter-causing habits with new ones to help avoid back-sliding into disorder
   *Getting everyone in the house on board

Time Management
    *Ways to save, better-utilize and have more free time
    *How to avoid feeling overwhelmed

Paper Management
    *Eliminating piles of paper
    *Dealing with the mail
    *Paying bills on time
    *Personalized Filing Systems

    *Periodic visits to help you stay on track

    *Eliminating stuff that has accumulated with the passage of time

Pre-Sale Home Staging
*Simplifying and depersonalizing things so prospective buyers can visualize themselves living
     in the house

Business Services
    *Custom workshops geared to a company's specific requirements
    *Tools to avoid paper clutter 
    *Assistance with bookkeeping and paper management
    *Periodic re-assessments

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