From Steve P. in Woodstock, NY
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Maybe I should start at the starting. My wife bought me a two hour consultation with you for my birthday. I thought that was a strange present, but I didn't choose it. We set up an appointment and you came to my office. After 30 minutes of talking you said, "Let's get to work." Within 90 minutes I was transformed and my office was transformed.

Here is the best part. My office has remained organized since that day 4 months ago. Not only did I change my habits, I went home and organized my garage, my closets and my car. People comment on how neat my office is. What a total change that is from the past. I could not have done it without you.

Thank you so much.

From Marianne S. in West Hurley, NY
I just wanted to say that the house is a delight to be in now that the transformation has begun. We were talking about how we feel much better living in clutter-free zones (kitchen and bedroom). For the past 4 or 5 years...my closets have been weeded repeatedly, not that I ever had a plan...until you helped me send things to the appropriate room.

The rest, compartmentalization, labeling all 4 sides of the bins, giving everything a home, using only like containers, Feng Shui,
all of this, I had no clue. Working side by side with you...was a real education, as you always explain the theory of why something is done and what must happen to maintain it. It's been a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn new ways of doing things.

My eyes are feasting on the beautiful changes. Thank you again for your brain power and your elbow grease Thank you for so many future good times that are now possible!

From Nancy M. in Shandaken, NY
First of all, I really liked the way you did the initial assessment. The resulting plan gave me an idea in advance of what we were going to do. It was a really good plan with solid goals.

I also like that we worked together so that I shared in the process. It was nice knowing that you valued my input.

In addition to getting my house in order, I was educated in how to keep my clutter undercontrol on my own. And thanks to all you taught me, I have continued to do so. Thank you, Sue, I couldn't have done it without you.

From Sarah A. in Dobbs Ferry, NY
I am so happy with what we have accomplished in my home. In fact, I feel I now have a home because of your influence, insight, philosophy and, yes, organization...Without you, I could not have done this whole thing. You are a master!
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